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2SmallFarm is an online shop where you can purchase different kinds of quality dairy equipment such as cream separators, butter churns, and different kinds of spare parts. Many farm owners get so much milk that there’s always a surplus left. And what do they do with it? They just sell it as a raw material at a cheaper price. We want to show a better picture for small and medium-sized farms and give them an opportunity to start a small business on making and selling cream, sour cream, curd, butter, and other dairy products. You don’t need to be an accountant to know that selling processed products will bring you more money comparing to selling just milk, right?

What do we offer you as a farmer who wants to make dairy products? First of all, it’s a variety of cream separators that will turn raw milk into cream and skimmed milk fast and easy. You can make cream with a different density and sell it as it is or make sour cream from it. And what about skimmed milk? You can turn it into delicious curd and whey.

Also, you can turn your home-made cream into butter! How do you do it? Easily! Because here you can buy butter churns that will do all the hard work for you. Fresh, tasty and absolutely healthy dairy products always are a great consumers’ demand, so you will always have a row of your own clients. We ship worldwide and guarantee that all devices and spare parts are packed the best way possible, so they will come to you safe and sound. Also, be sure that any your question and/or problem will be handled as soon as possible.

What is a cream separator?

A cream separator is an integral part of any milk farm. Basically, it is a device (electric or hand-operated) that turns raw milk into cream and skimmed milk. Here you will find different types of cream separators, so, you’ll be able to get the one you need. Start making more dairy products and more money if you sell them using one of our cream separators.

What is a butter churn?

Well, it is a device that makes butter from cream. Modern day butter churns differ from the antique ones a lot and allow farmers to make delicious butter within a few minutes. Here you will find different kinds of butter churns made by the Ukrainian manufacturer and can buy the one that responds to your farm needs.

Spare parts from the official manufacture.

Do not worry if some working detail in a butter churn or a cream separator got damaged or worn-out, because here you can buy a perfect replacement for it. All the spare parts you find here are made by the same manufacturer, so the same good quality is guaranteed.