Warranty, Exchange and Return

Our warranty obligations

2SMALLFARM is the official retailer of Motor Sich JSC production. We offer only high-quality products that have equal or better specifications than offered by the competitors, but have more attractive prices. All products in the 2SMALLFARM shop are manufactured according to high quality standards and provide reliable performance for many years in the conditions of rational maintenance, operation, transportation and storage.

All the equipment that you can find in our shop is provided with the 1-year warranty in case of a manufacturing defect. In such case, 2SMALLFARM will compensate the buyer the delivery cost to return the product for repair. In case of a post-warranty repair or a request for an additional spare part, the buyer pays for the delivery and repair according to the bill provided by 2SMALLFARM. In every case, you will have to present a proof of a purchase made on 2smallfarm.com

Please, pay attention that the warranty period starts from the date of the purchase according to the original bill or the original sales receipt. The equipment defects caused by manufacturing flaws or by the material are disposed during the warranty period either by means of repair or by the replacement of respective parts. 2SMALLFARM chooses the means to remove the defect in its own discretion.

If you need to repair your product in non-warranty cases, please, contact us. We will provide you information on the correct return procedure. Remember that the client has to pay for the return delivery of the broken product.

Defects or damage that are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage caused by inappropriate or incorrect use / assembly / installation, especially while disregarding the manual’s rules of operation, installation and/or safety.
  • Damage caused by transportation, negligence, electric power surges or interruptions, force majeure, weather effects, other natural phenomena or operation environment. (If the product was damages during shipment, we will replace it)
  • Damages caused by the operation with the parts and components that were not made by the manufacturer or authorized representatives of the manufacturer.
  • Damages caused by changes or modifications not specified by the manufacturing factory or the company representative.
  • Damages caused by wear and abrasion of the equipment according to operating regulations.
  • Damages caused by undue cleaning of the equipment according to the operation manual and by disregarding the necessity of maintenance.
  • The warranty also is not applied to the engine if it was damaged by ingress of water or milk.

Exchange and return

We accept requests for exchange or return of the product during 7 days from the moment of delivery. If you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, you may return it or exchange for other product.

If you want to exchange or return the product that does not suit you:

The product must be returned in the original package, with all component parts and in working condition. Please, contact us before the return to receive instructions on where and how the product should be sent.

If you received a broken product and want to return or exchange it under the warranty:

The product must be returned in the original package, with all component parts. Please, contact us before the return to receive instructions on where and how the product should be sent.

We are sure that we have properly packaged the product in order to prevent the damage! Nevertheless, should any damage occur during transportation, we would be glad to provide a partial return or exchange a broken part or product.